Who we are

Here at The Mather Collection, we love cars. We love how they look. We love the freedom they provide, the conversations they create, the lively discussions about which ones are good, bad and ugly.

However, one thing that is key for us is how they make us feel. On paper, making something that has a basic function of moving us from one place to the other out of metal, plastic, rubber, wood and carpet shouldn’t really be something that we have a feeling for. Yet we love them.

We’ve driven some we’ve loved more than others. Even some mingers, lemons and sheds have had a redeeming feature or two that have made us have an emotional response so here we have collated our thoughts.

These are not full of facts and figures although if we know them we do include a few. We haven’t had all of them sideways at the ‘ring. (Some of them don’t go fast enough to get sideways). We have however taken them on a trip and used them as they were intended. To be driven.

From precious one-offs to mass-produced everyday jaunts, the cars, their stories and all the lifestyle stuff that goes with them can be found here.

We hope you have a nice time with us. Welcome to The Mather Collection.

– Ben Mather